Discounted 12 Week Fertility Optimisation Course

Why 12 weeks?

It takes 3 months for follicles on your ovaries to develop before one is mature enough to release an egg at ovulation. You cannot control the number of eggs that grow and these decrease with age but you can control the quality of your eggs – eating fertility friendly foods and increasing your levels of fitness will help you increase your chances of becoming pregnant naturally.

It takes at least 3 months for a new batch of sperm cells to mature and be ready for ejaculation. Men can improve the quality and quantity of their sperm through good food and appropriate exercise. It can also take up to 12 weeks for your hormones to balance, and for addictions and toxins to leave
your system and allow the fertility boosting foods to nourish
your body.

Some say 21 days break a habit but overall it can take your body anything up to 12 weeks to recognize the dietary and lifestyle changes. You will be mentally stronger, physically stronger and overall in a healthier position to try for a baby. The Medical Journal on Human Reproductive Update found that changing your diet and lifestyle over 3 months will give you the best chance of getting pregnant, staying pregnant and having a healthier baby.

We can help you implement the three most scientifically proven interventions Nutrition, Exercise and Emotional Support to enhance your chances of getting pregnant. Why not look through our fertility courses to avail of one that suits your
needs now.

People who found this course helpful

Improved Menstrual Cycle

"This course has been life changing for me. I have seen so many improvements, mainly getting my menstrual cycle in line. Before it was 64-70 days, but after a few short months on the plan it has reduced to a 36 day cycle and with the ability to track my cycle I'm delighted to say I'm currently 15 weeks Pregnant!" Margaret Sept 2018

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